• Apr/5/2017: I have joined JFLI! I have also put my public repository at the page bottom. 😃
  • Mar/19/2017: “A Spatial Target Function for Metropolis Photon Tracing” The code and scenes added! Be sure to check it out! 😄
  • Fev/3/2017: I have one paper accepted to Eurographics 2017.


PhD Thesis

Toward more Realism and Robustness in Global Illumination PDF

July, 2015. Rennes 1 University.
Chair:    Luce Morin, INSA Rennes, France
Reviewers:    Tamy Boubekeur, Telecom ParisTech, France
Elmar Eisemann, TU Delft, Netherlands
Examiner:    Jaroslav Krivanek, Charles University, Czech Republic
Supervisors:    Kadi Bouatouch, Rennes 1 University, France
Remi Cozot, Rennes 1 University, France


Other publications


I was an ATER for the following courses at Rennes 1 University (2014 - 2015):

  • PI1 & PI2: Object programming introduction (JAVA).
  • SYR1: File system, Makefiles, C lang, Bash.
  • PS1: Python introduction programming.

Public projects

  • hugo-academic: an modified version of academic theme for hugo (used to generate this page)
  • rgbe: python library to read/save and compute metric on HDR images (RGBE and PFM format supported)
  • mitsuba-prodTools: a usefull collection of python script that I use for my research with Mitsuba (dependency: rgbe). More details on github page.
  • mitsuba-blender: another mitsuba blender exporter (based on the official one). Main feature: cycles material conversion and participating media exporter.