Deep Adaptive Wavelet Network
M X B Rodriguez, A Gruson, L F Polania, S Fujieda, F P Ortiz, K Takayama, T Hachisuka
WACV, 2020
PDF Code
Scalable Virtual Ray Lights Rendering for Participating Media
N Vibert, A Gruson, H Stokholm, T Mortensen, W Jarosz, T Hachisuka, D Nowrouzezahrai
EGSR, 2019
A Survey on Gradient-Domain Rendering
B.-S Hua, A Gruson, V Petitjean, M Zwicker, D Nowrouzezahrai, E Eisemann, T Hachisuka
Eurographics (STAR), 2019
Project page
Light Transport Simulation in the Gradient Domain
B.-S Hua, A Gruson, M Zwicker, T Hachisuka
SIGGRAPH Asia (Course), 2018.
Project page Additional
Gradient-domain Volumetric Photon Density Estimation
A Gruson, B.-S Hua, N Vibert, D Nowrouzezahrai, T Hachisuka
ACM Trans. Graph. (SIGGRAPH), 2018.
PDF Slides Additional
Gradient-Domain Photon Density Estimation
B.-S Hua, A Gruson, D Nowrouzezahrai, T Hachisuka
Eurographics, 2017.
PDF Slides Additional
A Spatial Target Function for Metropolis Photon Tracing
A Gruson, M Ribardiere, M Sik, J Vorba, R Cozot, K Bouatouch, J Krivanek
ACM Trans. Graph, 2016 (Presented at Siggraph 2017)
PDF Slides Additional Additional
Shape and Reflectance from RGB-D Images using Time Sequential Illumination
M Hudon, A Gruson, P Kerbiriou, R Cozot, K Bouatouch
VISAPP, 2016
PDF Project page
Automatic Aesthetics-based Lighting Design with Global Illumination
V Leon, A Gruson, R Cozot, K Bouatouch
Pacific Graphics (Short), 2014
PDF Additional Poster
Eye-Centred Color Adaptation in Global Illumination
A Gruson, M Ribardiere, R Cozot
Pacific Graphics, 2013
Visibility-driven progressive volume photon tracing
C Collin, M Ribardiere, A Gruson, R Cozot, S Pattanaik, K Bouatouch
CGI, 2013 / The Visual Computer, Vol. 29
Temporal Coherency for Video Tone Mapping
R Boitard, K Bouatouch, R Cozot, D Thoreau, A Gruson
SPIE, 2012
Light Propagation Maps on Parallel Graphics Architectures
A Gruson, A Hakke Patil, R Cozot, K Bouatouch, S Pattanaik
EGPVG, 2012

PhD Thesis

Toward more Realism and Robustness in Global Illumination PDF

July, 2015. Rennes 1 University.
Chair:    Luce Morin, INSA Rennes, France
Reviewers:    Tamy Boubekeur, Telecom ParisTech, France
Elmar Eisemann, TU Delft, Netherlands
Examiner:    Jaroslav Krivanek, Charles University, Czech Republic
Supervisors:    Kadi Bouatouch, Rennes 1 University, France
Remi Cozot, Rennes 1 University, France