Shape and Reflectance from RGB-D Images using Time Sequential Illumination


In this paper we propose a method for recovering the shape (geometry) and the diffuse reflectance from an image (or video) using a hybrid setup consisting of a depth sensor (Kinect), a consumer camera and a partially controlled illumination (using a flash). The objective is to show how combining RGB-D acquisition with a sequential illumination is useful for shape and reflectance recovery. A pair of two images are captured: one non flashed (image under ambient illumination) and a flashed one. A pure flash image is computed by subtracting the non flashed image from the flashed image. We propose an novel and near real-time algorithm, based on a local illumination model of our flash and the pure flash image, to enhance geometry (from the noisy depth map) and recover reflectance information.

In International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, 2016.